Monday, November 16, 2009

Simple Steps: #27 Focus!

In the eight limbs of yoga, dharana means "immovable concentration of the mind."

The essential idea is to hold the concentration or focus of attention in one direction. Here the seeker is concentrated wholly on a single point, or on a task in which he is completely engrossed.

The mind has to be stilled in order to achieve this state of complete absorption.

Todays Simple Step

Candle Concentration is a classic training for the yogi.

You need to sit in a quiet place where you have a few minutes and light a candle.

Breathe deeply, and clear your mind.


Now soften your gaze and gently observe the flame...absorb yourself in it...concentrate on it's dance...

When you feel your mind is still and your concentration has peaked, close your eyes and hold the picture of the candle flame steady in your mind's eye.

Do your very best to keep the memory sharp and intact with no interruptions.

Keep breathing and repeat.

This exercise is a simple step that will improve your ability to hold your focus.

Tuill next time...

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