Thursday, November 5, 2009

Simple Steps: #24 The Pratyahara of Shopping

We go to the mall. We shop online. We fill our basket. We've gotta have it.

It pleases us... and then it plagues us.

Pratyahara or sense control brings us back the truth that everything is temporal - and temporary.

What is real and valuable cannot be bought, and the next new thing will not guarantee lasting comfort.

Todays Simple Step

Take a walk through a store with no intention to buy.

Appreciate beauty without having to own it.

The World is yours - trees and flowers and gardens surround you.

You do not "need" to have more.

Practice having without owning today.

Till next time,


Stasia said...

What a great reminder before the season of "catalog overwhelm," Gael. Thank you so much.

Just wanted to let you know that I have used your meditation CDs for many years and love them. Thank you for creating them.

Yokibics said...

Perfect Stasia! And thanks for reaching out...
makes my day. Namaste to you:)