Saturday, November 7, 2009

Simple Steps: #25 Pratyahara in Relationship

As the limbs of yoga explore all aspects of mankind's relationship with himself and others, we see that sense control is the limb that invites us to withdraw our senses from attachment to external objects so that we may constantly return to the path of self realization and internal peace.

This objective is never more difficult than in relationship with a significant other, but it does most profoundly apply.

Todays Simple Step

Allow that your loved ones are not your property!

Allow that your lover is fiercely independent and must walk his/her own talk rather than be spoken for by you.

Allow that what loved ones do is their own choice, and you can guide but not force as you respect free will for all.

Allow that the most profound work you can do is on yourself, and release your attachment to fixing someone else.

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