Thursday, November 12, 2009

Simple Steps: #26 Concentration

The limb of yoga that demands discipline of the mind is dharana - concentration!

Too many scattered thoughts can all begin to feel the same. We get overwhelmed and then nothing makes any sense.

With dharana we create conditions for the mind to focus its attention in one direction, instead of going out in many directions.

Deep contemplation and reflection can create the right support to help us develop the ability to focus on the point we have chosen, and make it more intense.

Once the mind is able to focus efficiently, and not until then, can we unleash the great potential that lies within for inner healing.

What power lies within...develop this gift and it is yours.

Todays Simple Step

Take a few minutes to simply notice the thoughts and conversations running through your mind.

Slow down and observe.

Notice the nature of your scattered thinking.

See if you can take just one thread out of the many and keep your attention on that.


A slow breath will slow down the perception of time.

Just for today return again and again to the observation of your thoughts and make an effort to take them on one at a time.

I'll give you more techniques in the posts to follow.

For today, this is your simple step.

Till next time,

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