Sunday, September 27, 2009

Simple Steps: #9 Self Study

The fourth niyama, or personal observance, is svadhyaya meaning "self inquiry" or "self examination."

This includes any activity that cultivates self-reflective consciousness or that means to find self-awareness in the activity or effort.

Self Study includes accepting our limitations, being non-reactive to the dualities of our existence, and welcoming the opportunity to grow.

Todays Simple Step

Close your eyes for a moment and ask your most self-destructive habit to step forward.

Write about it today in your journal, or discuss it with a mentor or wise friend.

Bring the relief of Light to your limitation and invite yourself to begin a more conscious and constructive dance with Life today in at least one important area.

Like man's best friend teaches us so wisely, begin the return trip on the road to love by steadfast holds barred!!

This is your Simple Step.

Till next time,

Photo credit: Buddy by Gael Chiarella Alba

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