Saturday, September 19, 2009

Simple Steps: #6 Cleanliness

Niyama is the Second Limb of Yoga. Niyama means "rules" or "laws."

Like the 5 previous yamas which offer insights into universal morality, the five niyamas are not exercises or actions that are there simply to be studied.

They refer to the attitude we adopt toward ourselves as we create a code for living soulfully.

This gives us a map of personal observances.

The first niyama is sauca, meaning purity or cleanliness, and it invites relationship in both the inner and outer world.

Todays Simple Step

Clean your room!

Seriously...or your desktop, file system, closet, secret stash, whatever and wherever...and remember "simple" might not necessarily seem "easy" for you.

If you hit your resistance and want to blow it off, make it unimportant, push it away as you have so many times before, then you must clean your mind first!

Release the conversation that would have you being less than you can be.

There is nothing more important than that you do this today.

Living unemcumbered will feel less difficult and much more fun.

Once you really get how these two aspects of yourself work in tandem, and you activate a responsive result, you will have mastered this very important step in both your soul growth and your effectiveness in the World.

This is your Simple Step.

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