Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Simple Steps: #4 Sense Control

This Simple Step to forming a well-rounded practice of mind-body-spirit wellness is the forth of five yamas. Called brahmacharya it means sense control.

Traditionally this was translated to mean celibacy, or withdrawing from the pull of the senses which can bring us into the mists of a life separate from Spirit. It requires a non-attachment to the things of the flesh that keep us stuck.

For me the deeper practice is that we use our creative energy to regenerate our connection to our Spiritual self.

Sense Control encompasses genuine appreciation of the world we interact with through our senses by recognizing the Divine in what we perceive.






Establishing a great relationship with our senses has the power to make our personal world a better place, don't you think?

If everything we saw, and all that we touched was held sacred...if we truly relished the taste of our food and swooned with the scents of Nature...would we ever intentionally hurt our planet, or see our neighbor's backyard as different from our own?

Both non-attachment to sense objects WITH appreciation of their presence offer a practice that embraces the essence of brahmacharya.

Todays Simple Step

Wake your senses up to their purpose!

Slow down at mealtime...taste...smell.

Look at the world through eyes of love.

Be more concerned with listening than speaking today.

Touch and be touched with compassion for your loved ones.

This is your Simple Step.

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Till next time...


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JoAnna Brandi said...

And ooooooooohmmmm to you my friend.

Being in the field of happiness (if one can say such a thing) I've learned, and learned well, that when we savor, that when we spend time and be present with our selves, our senses, our food, our prayer, nature, one another, we prolong the feeling of joy. Savoring gives us the opportunity to dwell in the moment - and we can do it before hand, by anticipating, and afterward by remembering - as well as during.
Three times the pleasure!
That's one sure way to raise your positivity ratio.