Thursday, September 10, 2009

Simple Steps: #1 Dynamic Compassion

Of the Eight Limbs of Yoga there are numerous branches or examples of each.

The first limb is called Yamas, and the first of these is Ahimsa...

Non-violence and compassion for all living things.

More than a lack of violence itself, ahimsa means active kindness and thoughtful consideration of other people and all things.

Sounds like plain old common sense, doesn't it?

It is! Done as a practice though, it invites you to go deeper, richer...all the way.

What can you do to practice ahimsa today?

Today's Simple Step

Spend this day becoming aware of thoughts around your judgment of others.
Make it your first priority.

Whenever and wherever you can, open doors, ask if you can help, take extra time, listen.

Just for today, go the extra mile and when you see yourself holding back kindness, let go.

Determine the thing that YOU can do today to practice compassion - and do it.

Let the practice take you as deep as you are able with at least one person in one significant way.

This is your Simple Step.

You will find the entire catalog of Simple Steps labeled as we go on the right hand side of the blog page.

Till next time,


Diana said...

Embracing step #1 today, September 11, 2009, seems like such a gift to me. On a day where many raw and bittersweet hearts feel more exposed and vulnerable, exploring the many faces of judgment and it's relationship to with-holding kindness seems so apropo.

May all beings be at peace-
May all beings know their own true nature-
May all beings be safe and loved-
May all beings be generous in their loving-
May all beings be happy and free-

In Big Love!

Amazume said...

Gael, dear one,

Thanks so much for the service you provide here. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this sharing of truth in the words you channeled so eloquently. My heart rejoices at this reminder to keep 'pulling the roots out of the mud rut' we may find ourselves in. I am so into this already, and how wonderful to get a daily helping of steps to practice the eight limbs of yoga, just to be able to reflect on how I am (doing - being). This blog is now part of 'my yahoo' and passed on to 'fellow GoddSses'.
Lotsa Love,
Nell ;-)

Mary said...

I would suggest there be a little more organization of the site. I cannot find where to start and what all is the way to follow that is intended.

I would like to use your site but am finding it so confusing as to where is the beginning I want to throw a rock at the screen.

Please point me to the beginning and how many subjects do you have running.

Thank you

Yokibics said...

Hello Mary! Perish the thought that rock throwing is the result of your search (though I am with you.)

You posted your comment to Simple Step #1. The post directly before this (or below it on the blog page) is the overview for the series. I organized the material using the "labels" function and you will find every post in this series carries the same label SIMPLE STEPS in caps.

All together there will be 40 posts. They are numbered. This post is #1 and each one following is numbered in the title Simple Step #2, #3 etc. 15 are posted so far! The series will end at 40.

All post not labeled Simple Steps came before the series and are independent musings on general topics.

That's my best shot AND given that - I am totally looking for better ways to manage my own rock throwing all the time!!

Practical advise is welcome!! Meanwhile, use the labels;)

Was this helpful??

Mary said...

This is a comment to give you insight on how one person views you site. (such a sentence)

All of my life if I read a list it begins with a number 1 and works up even if I have to scan down the list to get to the one I want.

My suggestion is that where items are listed as references, start with the oldest and work to the latest....number 1 and the earliest dated material. Each reader maybe at a different place in your material so it is easier to work with a familiar system than trying to figure out how you think.