Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reach out baby, reach out

Today this dreadful article appeared in my news feed - another heart sinking piece of  information highlighting the result of imbalances we ourselves create in our handling of the world around us.

The full article can be found here on Walletpop, and the heading proclaims Meat tainted with deadly virus is being sold to consumers; government forms 'work group'.

Highlights from the article include:

Investigative reporter David Kirby, has hit a brick wall when trying to get answers from the USDA. Kirby is the author of Animal Factory: The Looming Threat of Industrial Pig, Dairy and Poultry Farms to Humans and the Environment, in which he says the meat lobby enjoys unrivaled access to government.
"I don't think the USDA wants to touch this. They know if they start testing for MRSA, they're going to find infected pork and that will force them to make a decision, one that would hugely impact the meat export industry,"
The article goes on to say:

Scientists and animal advocates agree that the presence of MRSA and other drug-resistant "superbugs" in large-scale feeding facilities spring from the routine feeding of antibiotics to livestock. About 100,000 Americans die each year after struggling with antibiotic-resistant infections, according to the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy, a public interest think tank.

Which leads me to The Hundredth Monkey (again :)

I'm just being honest here - about myself mostly - but perhaps you can relate, or see yourself somewhere along the spectrum of active to inactive, or caring to apathetic. Years ago when I saw posts and petitions and shout-outs for "we the people" to rise up and DO something to inform our government of our wishes for better safeguards, higher consciousness, greater consideration, I felt completely inept, or maybe it was that I was separate from the power of my voice in some way.  Who am I? Does my signing a stupid petition matter? Really? Who are these people anyway? Don't they have a job?

Ahhhh.  The president/senator/government agency/safety board/ professionals/people we pay etc.are supposed to take care of this! (and yes I did actually say this to myself...does it sound at all familiar?) 

There simply must be a higher authority I thought...

MUST I get involved??

This my friends is 2nd chakra territory at it's finest. 2nd chakra problems regarding intimacy and power live here at the energetic level of the naval point in the physical body and effect the procreative function of the bodymind as a whole - physically, mentally and spiritually - regardless of the topic of conversation.

So this territory governs not just what we care most about but the way we care most effectively.  Big doin's here...

Perhaps in addition to effectively caring, we need to challenge one of our own cherished beliefs - or maybe just reevaluate an opinion we haven't really looked at in a while.  Unexamined beliefs exist inside all of us! We think we have chosen them, but have we really examined and created discernment around everything we think? Beliefs can sound like "those petition wielding people must be fringe lunatics!" for example, or "that hippie stuff isn't my thing" or even "I like my (meat in this case) way too much to even go there! (so I'll voluntarily stay ignorant and refuse to "know" and then I can not care all the more easily...)

ahhh - the "not knowing" syndrome. 1st chakra problems live here...in abundance  (Bodymind stresses show up in the adrenals, legs, hips, seat, systemic disorders, learned helplessness, and hopelessness. Then in walks the pharm industry with the antidote and we are lambs to the slaughter.)

When we can't - or won't - look at beliefs we effectively muzzle our deepest and most inherent human power - the power of choice. 

We. do. it. to. ourselves.

So here is what I have come to know - and act upon.

Yes I must get involved.

This is my world, my planet, my humanity and every vote I take gives ME a greater degree of empowerment to know I have a place in this Universe - and that I matter.  Does my one signature mean that the Powers That Be will fall into my view? Good luck!! 

Does it mean that I myself have done my best and thereby empowered myself to live with more conscious choice? Yes yes yes! 

The action itself DOES matter.

Our own evolution happens one step at a time...one moment at a time...one choice at a time...one breath at a time.

In addition, if I join my best with the best in others what might we then accomplish?

This is the principle of The Hundredth Monkey Effect.  You never know which signature - which vote - which petition - which choice - will make the difference and tip the scales.

Are there still fringe lunatics running around looking for doom and gloom attention? Of course! More healthy discernment on your part ought to take care of that issue, but when you are feeling powerless and overwhelmed with the degree of challenge in the world, I invite you to really look at what you CAN do now.

Sign a petition? Then do it.

Vote with your dollars at the supermarket? Then do it.

Stop and think for a minute to make a more wholesome choice? Then do it.

Tell a friend? Then do it!

I may be preaching to the choir here.  I am daily amazed at the quickening we are all going through.  We are rising up fast and furious and our souls are coming alive as never before! If it feels uncomfortable you are not alone.  The planet itself is awakening to a new level of participation, and you dear one have as big a part as any.

The awareness of the work itself is the domain of the Spiritual Athlete. I have posted a ton of information for you to digest and I welcome your committed participation with me if it serves you. Why athlete? Because we draw on all the skills a true athlete represents.  Practice, dedication, higher values, desire to accomplish, participation, team allegiance and the deep intention to do your best. 

There is actually a systematized approach to how we can all uncover our higher skills of perception, and tap into the truth of our human potential. By the time you get to your 7th chakra potential you will know the truth of the experience of Mystics who say "bliss of the blissful am I."

For now start at the 1st chakra by dusting off your power of choice and let me know how it goes :)

Much love and blessings galore as together we shape our world.


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