Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You are the Monkey. Really.

This is an invitation to you to join me in an initiative that matches nicely with The Mystic and balances the way of being with the actions taken.

I started the Mystic blog to offer lessons, principles and good advise for living life fully as a mystic without walls - which is the strange arrangement many of us find ourselves in these days as we juggle spiritual goals with a householder status.  I love the body of work it now contains, and I'm excited to keep it growing and serving.

Over time I felt I needed to broaden onto another category to create balance...and highlight the action centered awareness of doing that arises when the Mystic grows into a solid citizen of the world and demonstrates through simple actions.  He then becomes the Monkey - the "Hundredth Monkey" to be exact...

This is the person who has the potential power to tip the scales by adding his wisdom to the  group to be seen. In this way he changes the World and his/her wisdom is made manifest.

I invite you to join me at The Monkey Blog and participate there as we address fun, soulful, sometimes challenging but always meaningful  things to do to make the world a better place. I ask you to think about what you might post on the monkey blog as you look around and see what makes a difference in your own life.  Comments and post additions are welcomed!  Let us all see the good things and the calls to action that you know about.   

Mystics and Monkeys serve to heal the world one person at a time :)

Thought for the day: what was your contribution to the world this day?

If you are reading this blog there were probably many.  Acknowledge your importance.  You do make a difference...a difference indeed.

Namaste and love...

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OzAlba said...

When a person speaks their truth it add clarity to the world. Yours has a delightful shine.