Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Napolean Hill Quote

"Who said it could not be done? And what great victories has he to his credit which qualify him to judge others accurately?" Napolean Hill
Great quote.
I bumped into Napolean many years back with his work Think and Grow Rich.  It struck me because I was also reading the mystic Krishnamurti who famously said "Think on These Things." all sort of made sense to view them both, but the outcome wasn't - and still isn't - the party line I have found. Thinking and doing and being get all mixed up.  
We think we can think one way and act another, and all is well.
We think we can think apart from our essential way of being, and squish and squash the song of the soul with no negative effect.
 "What was she thinking!" we exclaim. "Who does he think he is?"
Think think think.
Then we all hear about passion these days.  Studies have clearly shown that people get better jobs, make more money, become more popular, get the girl, sell more widgets and keep more customers when they just show their PASSION!
Yeah yeah - let's just think that we can mock up the emotion, speak the words, act the part and all will be well with that.  What I have noticed is that half of these passionate people are passionate about the wrong item! Influencing people to buy your story because you are so passionate about it only matters when your story is in alignment with who you really ARE.  
Kids - there is a difference.
And if your ego is in the way, you've found a big clue that your passion is taking you away from your soul's desire not toward it..
Slow down!
That's it.  First we must quiet the thinking altogether.  Listen.  Listen well.  Listen to your heart rhythm...the sensations of ease that accompany a quiet breath.  Sigh...
Now observe your true desire - the thing that draws you to it with grace and light and love.  What is the song of YOUR soul? You probably knew it when you were a little kid. Remember your connection to your true passion.  The one that makes you unique in all the world.
Take your time. Allow the embodiment of this passionate reminder as you breathe...
Who are you...really? Find that and be passionate about that...
Some questions for you:
How can your authentic self serve the world? Find that and think of ways to offer that.
What do you think of your neighbor, your friend, your enemy, your competition? Be the change you wish to see and think about that.
What  greater good can be accomplished through the thoughts you send out to the world? 
Think on these things as Krishmamurti said.  Then think and grow rich as well.
May we all be blessed by your thinking :)

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JoAnna Brandi said...

Ahhh To have time to think. I am so grateful for long walks on the beach, and even for long plane flights and time to think.

The percolation part of the creative process needs that quiet space to work.

And it can be done with the eyes closed. I like that!