Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Return to Paradise Day

Have you noticed how many people are starting to get fit these days? Others who are taking decisive action on their food choices? Still more who are educating themselves like mad on global initiatives that create wellbeing for the planet? I am amazed at what that looks in my world. Even the most resistant of us (and you know who you are :) are finding inspiration to improve these days. 
Did you know?
• In 1980, less than 50% of Americans were
overweight; today that number is more than
65% and growing

• 80% of preventable disease risk factors
are influenced by behaviors like smoking,
over-eating, poor diet and lack of exercise

• 1 in 5 American 4-year-olds is obese

• From 2005 to 2008, type 2 diabetes doubled
in American children

• By 2025, it is estimated that nearly half of all
Americans will have a chronic disease

World Health Organization;;;

Yikes! How do you feel when you read that? I know responses will vary even if you didn't know the exact statistics.  

I know it's not really "news" to any of us either (just look around.) The doomsday familiarity of our current direction can actually cause yawns. It's as if it is all too much - too big - too complicated.  I don't like scare tactics and at the same time I won't condone keeping our heads in the sand.  That's just plain silly because we already have all the power we need to change this picture and create a healthy profile for ourselves and our children as we move forward into the future.

We shift individually and the world shifts with us.

So what's a person to do?

Here's a thought for today - just for today and see how it goes. Plan to set the bar just a little higher for yourself.    

Choose a day within the next 7 and designate it 
your "Return to Paradise" day!
Do and be all that you can do to return your own world to the highest state of health and happiness you possibly can.

Some simple suggestions to include or improve upon:
  • Plan an organic home-cooked menu
  • Add in some way to your daily exercise quotient.
  • Wherever you go by car, park in the "lucky space" (the furthest space from the entrance) and walk.
  • Take whatever stairs you can
  • Participate with an online exercise video.
  • Skip the extra coffee
  • Take periodic breathing breaks - 3 minute intervals of deep breath and/or fire breath.
  • Eat as a family - no distractions.
  • Watch that documentary or read that periodical that educates you further.
  • Share your strategy.
  • Begin a new journal.
  • Honor your Spirit.
  • Get to bed early.
These are some rudimentary suggestions but you get my drift.  Step it up a notch for yourself and do it consciously.  Can you imagine what change we could create by doing this for ourselves just once - then just once a month - once a week? 

Start there. Start with us. Start with you. 

You are the world. 


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JoAnna Brandi said...

May I add one thing to your beautiful list? Set the intention to look for things to appreciate - and when you find them, spend a few seconds (that's all it takes) to go to your heart and really appreciate each and every one of them.
It's amazing what this will do for you.