Sunday, December 13, 2009

Simple Steps: #35 Freedom

Todays Simple Step

A 3-Minute Meditation on Freedom...
 Stop whatever else you are doing. 
Stop fidgiting - hurrying - trying to fit this in.
This is special time - a sacred time. 
Offer it to yourself.

Take in a
Exhale.  Ahhhhhhhh.....

Take another breath  - even slower than the one before. 
Exhale. Ahhhhhhh....

Now once more - and keep all your attention on it - - a no nonsense, belly expanding breath...

pause...and exhale.  Ahhhh....

Hold steady now and notice - what did you just free yourself from?  What was pressing you and shaping you and bearing on you as a "must have" or "must do" that went away for just this one moment?

The nature of freedom is not that you do nothing - the nature of freedom is that you have tha ability to choose what you do.

Yes - choose.

Choose to take on your day.  Choose to act in the clearest most beneficial way you can.  Choose your actions - your promises - your responsibilities - your job - your relationships. 

They need not get easier...they need not change! 

YOU must simply choose them.

The freedom you achieve is the answer to the peace you seek.  Notice how different you feel by simply accepting the power of choice.

You can always choose again if you don't like what you see. 

Perhaps that is the simple step for another day.

Till next time,

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