Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Simple Steps: #32 Consciousness Unified

During the practice of meditation, one observes insights and recognizes distinctions between objects as they are and subtle layers of perception.

We learn to differentiate between the mind that perceives and the means of perception...

We recognize the difference between words and their meanings...and the feeling of peaceful knowing is the basis of our actions.

Todays Simple Step

Just for today, be a fly on the wall observing your own actions.

Notice you watching yourself.

Observe yourself in the action of thinking.

Notice you watching yourself.

Now give the YOU who is the observer of yourself a few moments of time to be recognized, known, felt and seen.

This you is the meditator - the other is the performer.

When the two become one, and the actions you take are the result of the quiet observer stepping forward in truth rather than reactive self responding to stimulii, then the result of meditation is achieved.

You are truly present.

What a wonderful gift!

This is todays simple step.

Till next time,

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