Sunday, December 6, 2009

Simple Steps: #33 Confusion

Through the practice of yoga, as we fine tune our concentration and observe our perceptions we become more aware of the nature of reality, and can perceive that the world is unreal as we know it.

The Mystic advises:

"The only reality is the universal Self, or God, which is veiled by Maya - the power of illusion.

As the veils are lifted, the mind becomes clearer.

Unhappiness and fear
- even the fear of death -

So how are we to arrive at this unbelievable place of serenity and peace??

Only by practicing the skills and techniques we know can get us there - one simple step at a time.

You already have 32 steps that have gone before this one...they all count toward an accumulated effect. Return to previous posts, review - retrieve whatever you need to - but don't get off the train!

Perseverance is the necessary condition to any successful endeavor.

Todays Simple Step

You are only confused when you have too much information going in too many directions and no help but yourself to figure it out.

Just for today surrender.

That's right - surrender.

Let go.

Give in to the flow of grace that surrounds you.
          Take a deep breath and once empty, ask for clarity.

That's right! Ask!

Ask for help, support, assistance and the best outcome for all concerned.

Now listen quietly for a state of peace inside of you ... and let it be so.

This is todays simple step.

Till next time...

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