Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Unexpected Help at BEA

As anyone who has spoken to me recently knows, I just returned from a couple of weeks in New York (my home state before moving to PA) and was able to attend Book Expo America 2009 while I was there. I expected to meet tons of valuable contacts in the publishing world and learn copious amounts of information about an industry that is changing right before our eyes.

Most of what I needed to accomplish in order to take the next steps in my business was indeed there at BEA. Like one-stop shopping, it was glorious to be flooded with hope, help and contacts to make the business end of my production company soar. We came away with every single one of our intentions checked off even to the last when we met a publisher who was ready for little more than a margarita as the show was closing, who enthusiastically invited our proposal as we stood among the ruins of his display.

For writers, authors and publishers these are exciting times! The powers we once relied upon to get published are changing - and sometimes vanishing - while new possibilities are opening that were just a dream less than a generation ago.

Self-initiation is a tremendous asset to those of us in this field, and spaces and places are opening for individuals to have a clearer voice. The opportunities that both the internet and social networking provide play no small role in changing the opportunities for anyone who truly wants to be heard - and this alone enables any of us with the will to find the way effectively.

While I was able to create a punch list of what I needed to accomplish while at the event, what I couldn't foresee was the nature of the interactions among the participants. This is territory where the Mystic enters through the front gate of your experience. and asks the question "who do you want to BE while you are here?" rather than settling for the simplicity of "what do you wish to accomplish."

These two dynamics are not mutually exclusive to those with eyes to see. Rather the observation of them both allows every moment to be a sacred moment and every opportunity to be one in which you can serve to help the world while you're getting things done.

To that end, part of our search at BEA was to find people who exemplified kindness, openness and helpful service. We did indeed succeed there too. I credit my husband Bob for teaching me a term called "fair exchange" where each party involved achieves a win-win. Fair exchange eclipses the simplicity of exchange of goods and services, although it certainly includes it. Fair exchange takes all the aspects of any exchange between people into account. No more climbing to the top by squashing the person beneath you. Can that possibly serve to elevate the world?

Then there is "exchange in abundance!" when you know that what you gave - or got - was more than you expected and maybe even more than you dared hope for.

Exchange in abundance? Well ain't that grand!!

The self-initiated Mystic moves their game piece to this square on the board of life, and in so doing will find any and every way to accomplish their abundant goals.

How to? Here are some simple and possibly "out of the ordinary" ideas from me...but you can go find your own and add to the list immeasurably.

Take the extra step to be helpful to whoever, whenever, wherever.

Give what you no longer use to someone who needs it.

If someone compliments something you have, consider giving it to them or sending them something similar as a gift.

If someone "wishes they could go" but can't afford to, consider supporting them.

If someone could go but needs someone to watch the kids/the store/the front, consider taking the time to spot them.

Teach the secrets of success in your field to the new generation following you.

Share your contacts.

Recommend liberally.

When you think of that good thing you could do for someone, don't stop there. DO IT!
It can make a world of difference just because you tried.

With this recognition in mind, we do hereby bestow our

Most Helpful Person Award

to author Iain Martin who, from our chance meeting at BEA, just keeps coming at us with an interest to help backed by great advise.

You can find out more about Iain by clicking here.

Thanks Iain! May you live long and prosper ;)


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