Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm Changing and You're Holding Me Back! Part 2

Ever notice that life can be sailing right along but as soon as you begin to get the itch for a change that says "somethings gotta give" - something does? Oh yes...and that 'something' is not always in the direction you wanted.

So you think.

This is the paradox in desiring happiness and fulfillment in life.

All that is NOT that will show up to be healed.

And don't you know, the higher you reach, the more "not thatness" you are going to have to handle.

Yes sirreee.

No worries though - eventually all will settle down and soon you'll be living the life that was waiting for you - the one you were attracting all along.

Having said that...

The last thing I mean is that the process itself will be all light and breezy, though it does get easier with practice ;)

The journey itself reminds me of something I once read on the process of change that I copied and tucked away during my own time of travail.

In alchemy, there is a stage called ‘the negredo’, the darkening.
There is a point in this process of turning base metal into gold when the earth shakes, the sky rains fire and the air fills with the smell of rotting flesh.

There is a point where all seems lost.

If the alchemist drops the cooking vessel, allowing chaos and smoke to make him afraid, the whole process must begin again.

The alchemist must believe in the process of change.
He must, in effect, reach outside himself for something larger, greater, and broader
than his own experience.

As he does this, "the shaking slows to a stop, the smoke clears, and the smell of death dissolves.

The impurities have been burned away.
The process begins its ascent from the dissolving, putrefying depths;

what was once disaster is now potential gold.

We never know what comes out of darkness while the whole world shakes.

When our vision is choked and all seems lost,
our task is to reach outside ourselves,
to connect to that which is larger, deeper, and wider than our own fear.

Chaos and outrage fuel movement, movement fuels transformation.

The mystic feels, then observes, and rising above
births life from the fire of his own creation."

This is the stuff of alchemy.

Heavy stuff...but then again so are the issues that we are all handling these days, and we will continue to handle as we Lighten Up!

What are you birthing during these times of change??

The ultimate realization is that noone else must change to make it easier for you to get there. The gift of the inside of you.

Blessings always!


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So true my friend.