Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Time for Fireworks!

As we near the 4th of July, what new thing can possibly be said that isn't already being said by great (and sometimes not so great) minds tuned in to celebrating meaningful occasions?

So then - I'll spare you that - but in addition to being aware of the responsibilities and privileges that come with the price of societal freedom, I invite you to celebrate with me, giving all your heart to the freedom that you personally have in what ever way you have it.

In addition to joining with family and friends to have fun this weekend and be expressive (I've been to many a barbecue following the parade myself),

and with an attitude of gratitude for another year...another day...another moment of living...

may you also be poignantly aware of your own inner fire, and open this day to the glory of the spark that resides authentically within your own true self.

Live it up.
Laugh out loud!
Be authentic.
Smell the roses.
Speak up!
Be joy.
Be the freedom you wish to see.
Be peaceful.
Be grateful.
Be wise.
Be strong.

This is the season to grab the brass ring, dear one.

The world needs you to shine.

The world needs you to shine.

The world NEEDS you to shine.

Namaste to you...

and Happy 4th!!


1 comment:

David said...

The 4th is an occasion for all minds to celebrate that each one's thoughts of gratitude contribute to the whole. Although some focus on the yield, some on the amount of the yield, many other just celebrate the effort of plowing.