Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What Can We Leave to Those Who Follow?

I have entered the stage in life where a clear, persistent awareness has arrived: I am the future. I hold the answers. I am looked to - and for - by the young ones of our human tribe, and I am responsible as best I can be for the insights I offer.

Perhaps you too are at this stage with me - perhaps you are only now seeing the glimmer of truth that one day you will be. Always we have needed the voice of insight and experience to guide us. Forever into the future we will continue to grow through the contributions of those that came before us.

The Elder - The Statesman - The Wise One.

It has been about a year now since I noticed the gentle turn in the road to this new territory in my own life journey. No longer the Seeker myself, the questioner who opens infinite arms to new teachings and experiences, I have been pressed into service to honor the wisdom that I already hold.

The young ones among you have done it.

A phone call here, a "remember me?" there...the ones I taught when they were perhaps too young to really understand are letting me in on the oh-so-holy moments they have had as a result, and now somehow affected, are returning to reach out, to ask deeper questions, to connect. They are in their 20's and 30's, and filled with earnest longing to understand life and improve their conditions. Piling up around me I see that they, not I, are the Seekers with open arms to new teachings and experiences and that the Elders must take their place.

I must take my place.

I accept the honor, and I invite you to do the same. The World needs you.

Observing the role, there are landmark choices that light the path:
Admit your age.
Be proud of it.
Speak of the joys, not the sorrows - the accomplishments not the aches.
Be a renegade and try something new everyday.
Get friendly with technology and use it wisely.
Appreciate the laugh lines.
Be sensual.
Be sexy.
Stop being so "nice" and if you're being mean, stop that too.
Be willing to share what you know.
Be willing to know something different.
Look people in the eye - especially the really young ones who might automatically think you are judging them. (and if you are judging them - don't)

There is so much more than meets the eye that lives in the heart of man.

Be trustworthy.
Extend your helping hand.
Be optimistic.
Be the change you wish to see.

Forget about "when I was your age" and get real with "now that I am wise..."

Talk about them, not about you.

Lastly, if you want to leave a lasting testament to the generations that will follow, you can do it now by living a life that will earn the right to be admired.


Whatever it is and wherever you can, create peace today right where you stand. In your family. With your neighbor. Through your green purchases and recycling efforts. Make peace with your body image, your IQ and your age. Live peace inside your own heart.

This is the possibility of wisdom made manifest. This is the possibility of truth we leave for our young ones.

May you have many smiles along the road!


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OzAlba said...

Every day we are becoming what we will be tomorrow. Today these are my words yet I know that this is an old thought. May this thought never grow stale for you.