Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter and the Sacred View

Well it's the day after Easter, and I imagine that many of you who celebrated have lots of hard-boiled eggs to eat (unless you're a fan of the plastic.)  And some leftover peeps lurking about.  And maybe some ham to top it off...

I went to wiki to check out something of the origins of Easter and was near to overwhelmed with the scope and diversity of it's history. I'll leave it to you to check out   this link   and see for yourself if you're a history or theology buff.  We have countries of origin, customs and celebrations to explore...etymology, theological significance, and of course, the ever present controversies. 

For me the meaning of any holiday lies not in the symbol or the tradition or the place where it all began, though those things can bring a sense of familiarity and solidarity among the celebrants, but perhaps it serves to look beyond the symbol and inquire what you felt in your soul while you celebrated. 

Did you appreciate the opportunity to be with family and friends?  Were you grateful for the inevitable abundance of food and sharing?  Were you able to invoke a sense of the sacred while you hid eggs or cooked or visited?

Without the sacred being recognized and acknowledged we can devolve any celebration into the glitzy and/or the banal.  We can forget the reason for being there at all, regardless of tradition or custom or theological significance.

We can forget to celebrate the life we have, and to love what we have created with it.  

May all the ways you seek renewal be given unto you.

May all the seeds you have planted sprout and find their way to strength.

May your own spirit rising be all that you hope for, and all that you need it to be.

Blessings to you,

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OzAlba said...

When the sun is bright or the sky dark without moon. When you can remember to celebrate the life you have ... now that ... right then... is a sacred thing and twice sacred when shared. Thanks for the reminders sweetie pie.