Monday, April 12, 2010

Abundance at the Library

I have a trick for changing the view of my circumstances when the perspective needs a boost in the direction of clarity and abundance.

The trick is to go visit my public library.  

Yup, that regular old-fashioned bastion of wisdom and knowledge stuffed to the brim with most anything you might want to explore.

Do any of you over the age of 10 still actually go there?  

Too busy you say? Pshaw...

It is an amazing experience when viewed from the perspective of the Mystic. Books of all sorts are available to feed mind, body and spirit - fiction,  non-fiction, biographies, art, travel, food, periodicals, and music galore!    

On my recent visit I sat in one of the big red leather high back chairs that face the fireplace in this old library building of mine, and read, and scanned, and looked, and absorbed, and enjoyed the diversity of opportunity there. In several hours I hit only the tiniest tip of the iceberg of what is actually available. 

I wonder how often we can see the wide open sky of opportunity and choice - of options and availabilities when we are in the midst of strife and struggle...?  

Go to the library - you'll feel better

When I was done noodling around, I chose two full armfuls of great stuff to bring home with me.

(These are the bonus points - my nose has been buried all week in the lushness of it all.)

And my ears!

Piano and cello and voices soar from the CDs I collected just because - and if I don't love what I hear?  Click! Time to change to another.

The thing about the library is you get to experience what you love without owning it...

Yes, without owning it.

You know at the outset that in a month you'll have to return all your new "friends."

Go ahead and love what you are reading, feeling, seeing and hearing - but don't get too attached to the box it comes in!

And even better - no clutter - the sworn enemy of productivity and clarity.

What a wonderful reminder of what abundance actually is, for we know there will be many more books to greet us and call out to us from the shelves again and again once we return.

The lessons of abundance tell us there is always more - if perhaps different in shape and size and content.

And truthfully - there is no "owning" anything at all - not really.  We use that little human illusion to make us feel safe in the face of the more enduring knowledge that no matter how hard we hang on, "this too shall pass."

May all of you open your eyes wide and see the lushness around you.

May all of you experience the fullness of your life.


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