Friday, April 24, 2009

Tweet the Good News!

I've been looking at the surge? upsurge? tsunami wave of interest in social networking lately. The numbers are growing exponentially every single day.

At a previous stage of life I might have said - well I would have said "hooey!" to such vast amounts of time spent sending inane messages to friends far and wide every time I took a sip of coffee.

On the other hand, is that what you or I are actually doing it for these days? Of course not. I'm actually wowed at the loving kindness I receive every day from my facebook and newly emerging twitter groups. I can't tell you how many times I've posted something and watched just the right person step forward with just the right kind of support. Sometimes it's as simple as a thumbs up.

You matter. I matter. We all matter to each other.

Whether we are giving shout outs, smiley faces, comments or "follows", we are giving...and I do believe we can never give too much.

Like the breath, there is always more. Like the exhale, we can go long and deep, and in the giving we enlarge the circle of return.

Now who doesn't need that?

If you twitter I invite you to an experiment using a new application that creates tribes, or "twibes" as they are called. (Twitter w's everything if you haven't seen that before. Kinda cute - kinda silly - but always recognizable.) I just created a new one at

I wanted to create something else out of my presence there - another out breath - that can make a difference to someone, somewhere who can use some of that cumulative knowledge we all carry within. Tweet your favorite authors, titles, practices, thoughts, prayers, and everyday keys to successful living in 140 characters or less. Another wonderful way to give what you've got and spread the good word.

Thank you for your support.

Big hugs to you,


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