Tuesday, April 7, 2009

BEST Remedy for Allergy Season

I used to live with allergies. A lot. Sometimes they defined me.

I had the sort of reactions that went from a little itchy-eyed nose run with discomfort to a full blown version of Niagra Falls for days on end. Dust, pollen, perfume, candles, mold, mildew, even the cats I love would send me into a frenzy.

Wouldn't you know, being the holistic health care goddess I am, research into natural remedies became my holy grail and the day I wound up canceling patients because I couldn't stop blowing my nose was the final straw. Wanting neither a life sentence on Claritin nor any replication of the boy in the bubble, living without a cure was simply unfathomable.

That's when I ran into Gary, my former yoga student who said "you know I thank you every day for turning me onto the Neti Pot. I haven't had any allergy symptoms since I started using it daily!!"

WHAT?! Me?? The Neti Pot?? I said that??

And here, my friends, is a perfect example of someone (well, me in this case) having knowledge enough to teach this stuff but skidding right past it in my own life. I just didn't connect the dots.

Anyway, it's been several years since seeing Gary again and I've Netied every day. I still get triggered if I visit with cats for too long, but allergy season is no more and the difference is profound in my quality of life.

I learned a couple of things here that I'll share - the first is sometimes you already know what you know...you just need to remember, and the second is don't give up and don't give in. You have the ability to attract what you need to know and it may come in the most unlikely of packages.

Now I feel to be fair in my total assessment of complementary healthcare that not mentioning changing your diet, getting enough rest, moving yourself AWAY from the cause of irritants, and going green in your household are significant factors in improving the life of an allergy sufferer, I'm keeping it simple for the moment and passing along the good news.

Go get yourself a Neti Pot.

Click here for a video of what to do.

Have fun!!

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