Tuesday, February 3, 2009

To Share or Not To Share? Here Lies the Question.

My good friend Jan wrote "Your blog is wonderful, so insightful and informative. I never understood the reason for a blog, and why I would visit it over and over, but yours gives me many good reasons to come back again and again..."

ahhh - music to my ears. I responded to her that my hope was 'to blog not blather' - though I can tend to go on if asked...

So I'm following Guy Kawasaki through his blog and on Twitter (hey, I'm hip, you knew that!) and I feel he is 'my own.' Less than two years ago when I began formulating my new business plan I encountered his work through some relatively obscure comment he made somewhere and thought WOW! I've found something here!

I was sure I was like Columbus in the New World - me just me...ahhhh.

Little did I know this guy is renowned as a major communicator, with posts and blogs and tweets galore...so many that one of his many accolades includes "among the top twitterers!"

(Ahhh - makes a mother proud...)

So what does the ever present Mystic have to do with this?

Well... just that the Mystics share.

They don't say "two for me and none for you."

They pass along the good news.

They help others succeed.

They share.

My generation grew up in a world that valued competition. The secret kind. As in "don't tell your competitor what you know..." and "you've got to stay ahead of the competition..." Hey, I played DODGEBALL in high school for heaven's sake!! (that's where your classmates put you in the middle of a circle and try to kill you with the ball.)

Anyway, things have really changed - at least in some quarters.

Now "winners" are "sharers."

Which is why I love Guy Kawasaki. He shares.

Why not jump in, if you haven't already kids?

Share whatever and whenever you'd like. Share your favorite movies, blogs, websites, songs, ideas, quotes, moods, friends. Share laughter. Share your skills. Share in your neighborhood. Smile! Share YOU with the world and BE who you are.

There. I've said it.

(Just remember when you're doing this online, we do all have filters, and most of us know how to use them.)

So mystical rule #1 trumps all:

Say what you mean.
Mean what you say.
Don't be mean.

One of my first mystic teachers told me if you wish to HAVE something, try giving that very thing to someone else. If you wish to have help, then give help to others. If you want prosperity, then help others be abundant in whatever way you can.

So here I am, giving Guy his due. Besides sharing the fact that he's good - really, really good - I can give to myself by sharing him with you.

See how that works?

(BTW - even if you don't think "they" need it - or even deserve it - give what you wish to receive anyway, and just watch the transformation.)

What a concept!

Now sign up on the right column of this page if you'd like to follow my blog.

And may prosperity find you wherever you are.

love and blessings,


Yokibics said...

Well it's me, commenting on my own post - nonetheless, I sent a notice to Guy that I'm writing about him. No response so far...

Yokibics said...

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Why thanks! You're very kind. Made my day!

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Galia said...

Oh my gosh, Gael, I remember dodgeball and you are spot-on with your observation on it!

What a great post...I especially like the part about what one of your first mystic teachers taught you about if you want something, to give it to someone else and it comes back to you. Really nice, and I find that it generally holds to be true.

Looking forward to reading more from you!