Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day of Love?

I'm sure if you're living anywhere outside the high Himalayas you're not blind to the fact that today is Valentines Day. Hallmark sentiments and Kodak moments abound. Tokens of love are necessary - yes necessary! - in order to feel complete.

So what happens if you are single today - or between relationships - or on a rocky road with your special loved one? Is this a day of failure?

When we look at the seven chakras lining up in the name of love (the energetic anatomy centers that runs our circuits) we recognize some very important items:

  • Your first chakra of security will require a good look-see at your beliefs. Let's just take "am I lovable?" as the question of the day. Now that's a good one to review! If you're anything like the rest of us you'll probably bump into some of the places, people and memories that might have you believing otherwise. Time to check out your beliefs. My advise? Keep the ones that support your lovability and just can the rest. They were never true anyway, just someone else's idea that you weren't enough - and you bought it. Time to hit refresh.

  • Your second chakra of intimacy will be ringing like a doorbell. "Does he really care?"... "Is she really the one?" ... and if you hang your hat on relating as your measure, some days you'll be up, and some days you'll surely be down, down, down.

  • Now the third chakra view invites a different measure altogether. Who are you anyway? Are you your personality - your education - your job title - your stuff?

This is the question for Valentines Day!

Who am I?

...and as we look at the essence of Self underlying the personality, the education, the job title and the stuff, we hit pay dirt. Good digs here!

You are the possibility of all possible human expression.

You are infinite creativity and divine opportunity.

You are the observer and the observed...the lover and the beloved.

You are you in all your glory.

Can you love this person? Can you accept and heal and delight in who you find?

The Mystic finds the essence of love in the clear, complete and total expression of Self. Give this to the world and how can you go wrong? The wonderful poet David Whyte guides us regularly to know that we are each unique in what we have to offer life - as long as we do offer it. "Noone can fail exactly like you can fail!" he exclaims and chides us to "fail spectacularly!"

Music to my ears and Medicine for the soul I do say.

So carry on-loved ones! Go be you and give, give, give.

Your self-esteem will sky rocket and your sense of purpose will shine.

Let Valentines Day be the reminder of your 'meet and greet' with the value of your own true self.

Go share now! And enjoy your day.

till next time...


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Anonymous said...

I don not like celebrating valentines. Why? Because I do not like to wait an entire year to show the people I love how much they mean to me. This should be done everyday.