Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Path of Spring

I've been watching my neighbors lately as they glory - and I mean revel - in the slightest sign that Spring is coming.  Maybe it's the big snow we just saw the end of - perhaps it's just me, but I'm seeing folks showing  big desire for new beginnings.  Tiny green shoots pushing up through the crocus heads...specks of color amidst all the brown...each sign speaking of new life in a new season.

I look at the Medicine Wheels that are found in every ancient tradition. Whether they are laid out in sand or in stone or experienced inwardly, sacred circles teach the laws of life.  A wheel turns.  Though the form may change, what you place at one point you will find again later on.  

The Mystic knows that the wheel of life returns what is given, and though it may seem unexpected, like Spring it is not entirely unpredictable.  It is just that often by the time the results come in we have long forgotten our own initial output and so its connection to the result may come as a surprise.

The Medicine Wheel invites us to face the four directions of life and relate to what we see.  In the East, Spring rises.  It brings the energy of the dawn and ushers in hope, renewal and inspiraton.  There is a drive to plant whether it is a handful of new seeds or new purposes.  The Earth surrounds us and says "if plant you will, then now is the time!"

Pay attention and tend well to the energies that are being called forth from you.  As the wheel turns, when the time is right you will see the results of what you have planted.  Your labors will bear fruit and that which needs to be put to rest will depart.

May you plant well this season.  May you too dance with the joy of new beginnings. May your coming harvest be rich.

Namaste  to you.

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