Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Growing Away

Today I'm thinking about how really hard it is to change the places of hurt and confusion that stem from our childhood and the ways we relate and care (or don't care) for each other.  The processing area for this kind of relating is found at the 2nd chakra, and we can spin and spin and spin at this level for a lifetime.
Eventually each of us needs to grow to be our own true Self in order to progress. We actually demand a new processing area in our bodymind to handle the information that can transform the wounds of relating. 
This is 3rd chakra movement. New territory. New rules. 
The 3rd chakra demands self awareness, self reflection and self esteem.  
The key phrase is "I let go of all that is not that into ease."
Let go of all that no longer serves your growth. Grief may appear.  Done well, grief WILL appear. 
That's ok.

The 3rd chakra area of the bodymind is the solar plexus, so breathing deep and stretching out can be a great help.

Eventually you'll find that what comes next is a true heart opening at the 4th chakra and your actions will move from fear into faith.

May you have many blessings on the journey.

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