Monday, October 26, 2009

Simple Steps: #21 Sense Attachment

Pratyahara is the next limb of yoga that we will address. Like taming a wild horse, pratyahara is the process that invites us to relinquish our untamed attachment to sense objects and mine the gold of the soul.

Control of the senses means that our senses stop living off things that stimulate and no longer depend on these stimulants as distractions on the road to self-realization and the achievement of peace.

Attachment to the senses means that under normal circumstances the senses become our masters rather than being our servants.

The senses - once attached to the objects of our desire - entice us to develop cravings for all sorts of things.

In pratyahara the opposite occurs: when we have to eat, we eat, not because we have a craving for food but because we have an appreciation of nourishment.

Todays Simple Step

Today ask for honesty from yourself so that you might gain your freedom from your own creations.

What are your particular stimulants?

List them.

What are you attached to seeing - hearing - tasting - touching - breathing that now owns you rather than you freely engaging with it?

Today is your day for accessing what internal house cleaning must be done for you to truly obtain your freedom.

Can you let go just for today?

Choose at least one thing and commit to cutting the cord of attachment.

This is your simple step.

Till next time...

Photo credit: Steamboat Horse by Bob Alba

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