Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Simple Steps: #18 Deep Belly Breath

When you think of your "center" where do your thoughts go?

For the martial artist, the center of the body is called tan tien, for the bodyworker it is hara, for the breath practitioner, it is the lower belly. All roads lead to Rome...

The simple step of belly breathing truly is simple - yet it has the possibility to change your life.

Feelings can get trapped inside of us when they don't have a vehicle for movement. We hold on tight...we hold our breath. This habit can last a lifetime, and affect every moment of our relating as we become more and more constrained.

As the practice of pranayama brings mind-body-spirit into deep communion, a deep belly breath practice brings a freedom to held emotions that is healing on all levels of your interactions.

Todays Simple Step

Take a few minutes to relax and quiet down.

Close your eyes and place your hands on your lower belly.

Breathe in and allow your belly to expand so that you can feel it with your hands....belly first and then lungs. Imagine a balloon filling with your belly becoming round and full as you slowly inhale.

Pause - then as you slowly exhale, let your belly flatten.

Once you get the feel for the movement, allow your waist, back and chest to expand with each breath, always allowing the belly to fill first.

Today allow this practice into as many practical areas of your life as you possibly can.

Belly breathe at every stoplight, during every TV commercial, between every call, after every email.

Wherever and whenever you can, incorporate this practice and watch the results. Don't be surprised if long held feelings move through you. The breath, like a breeze, can carry them away.

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OzAlba said...

Could people be avoiding belly breath just to keep the look of a flat belly? Seriously - missed opportunity. Curves are in. My sweethearts belly feels best when the curve fills the natural and relaxed shape of my hand.

Yokibics said...

Love it!