Monday, February 15, 2010


So lately I've been thinking about how different the world is for me these days...a notion sparked into red hot fire by an email that Larry, an online friend, sent out recently.  It contained a vid of what life was like in New York "back in the day" when we played stoop ball in Brooklyn with pinkies. 

Wait...back in the day?  I go back that far? Really?? That's epic.


I'm looking at this you tube he sent and I'm laughing out loud while at the same time I feel kind of surreal, like I'm watching one of the first talkies ever made. I mean, anyone still alive must be near ancient!!


And there I was. hummmmmm....

After I process this information of days gone by without running away, or making it small, I arrive at a deeper awareness...

I know that in some ways I am "old" - yet in many more I am young.
In some things I am accomplished, yet in most, I am just beginning.
Quite able to remember decades of life, I am most capable of imagining the decades to come...
and then, then I remember -
how very lucky I am to be here - for many are not.  

For me, this musing invites the question "what do I really, really, really want to do with my days?"

Do you think about this too?

I love the question! So superior to "how am I going to get through another day" or "what am I gonna do to kill time" or "when's the rent due" don't you think??

Which leads me to...(tada!)...the other blog I started (just because I can) at

I started it for you.

Oh, I'll keep writing and musing and contributing here at The Mystic.  More than that though, I want to offer a place to capture your ideas - instances - moments - stories - anything - everything! - that demonstrates that LIFE IS WORTHWHILE and YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Maybe more than a difference -  perhaps the difference. 

Could your contribution - whether in thought or in deed -  be the "straw" that tips the scale in the direction of good?  Could your simple daily practice, when added to all the other conscious choices to live and to love, be the kind of service that creates the energy necessary to see Heaven on Earth?

You don't need a pinky to play this game, but it sure does smack of a lost commodity called community, doesn't it?

Check it out!

Let me know if there is something you would like to contribute - or comment on - or add to in one of the posts already there. After all, why not? You're part of the neighborhood, aren't you? :)

However it is for you, and in whatever way you do it, may you enjoy the grace of loving life each and every day!  Till next time,


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